Termite Program

1.  Termite Solutions

Florida's warm climate provides an ideal environment for a wide variety of pests.  Many accept the presence of these pests as a part of life in paradise.  For those who refuse to live in such close proximity to these pests, we can help. 

2.  Termite Inspection Reports 

We provide termite inspection reports, for escrow transactions, home refinancing, or reverse mortgages etc.   Bug Check Services offers completed reports on the same day of inspection.

3.  Ground Treatment

Subterranean Termites are one of the leading causes of damage to homes in Florida.  Let us protect your investment by providing a termite management solution that best fits your needs.  We offer soil treatments with Termidor, a treatment that offers a lifetime warranty

4.  Termite Monitoring

We also offer a termite monitoring program as a curative or preventive measure for termite infestation.

5.  Pre-Construction Soil Treatments

In any new construction or home addition, soil treatments for termites are required by the County of Flagler, County of Volusia and the State of Florida.

We provide soil treatment and Certificate of Completion on the same day we spray and extended warranties are available.

6.  Spot Treatment

Too expensive to tent?  An alternative to tent fumigation, we provide spot treatments with extended warranties for dry wood termite infestation.

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