Palm Program

If your landscape includes palm trees of any type, our Bug Check Services Palm Program is the answer,  Depending upon the type and location, we customize a program specifically for your palm trees.  In many instances, palms may be located in small beds with lots of vegetation located under the drip line of the palm.   This typically does not permit for adequate fertilization,  if only a granular type of fertilizer is used.  This is largely due to the amount of space between the palm and the vegetation.

These types of palms would be supplemented with a root injection in addition to  the granular fertilization treatment.  Root injections can also  be used for those palms located directly in a lawn that have no surrounding vegetation other than grass.   The injection does not cause any harm to the grass surrounding the palm.    In many situations, this is the only way to make sure the palm does not  become nutrient deficient.

A common problem with many palms is the infestation of beetles.  Beetle populations accumulate at the heart f the palm and once the damage becomes visible, it is much harder to save the tree.

In Bug Check Services Palm Program, a protective approach is taken to control the beetle population.  By drenching an insecticide directly into the heart of the palm, we are able to target the pest and promote your palms growth,  An added benefit to this type of treatment is that the process also guards against ants and roaches that may live in these palms as well,

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