Shrub Program

The Bug Check Services Shrub Program consists of three major components: fertilization (liquid & granular forms) , fungus and insect controls, these are used during every application.

The fertilizers used are called "Complete Fertilizers" meaning that they have both a "complete and minor package" that is delivered to the shrub.  

What does this mean? 

Sometimes a plant may not respond to simply a granular fertilizer or a liquid fertilizer.  Our unique shrub mix ensures that your shrubs are getting the best possible treatment.  The mixture will not burn or harm even the most delicate of shrubs and is one of the best in the industry.  It cannot be over applied and as an added feature, the liquid fertilizer, once sprayed will not discolor or stain your home.

At Bug Check Services, we use the most up-to-date insecticides in the industry in order to control damaging insects.  

We use both a contact insecticide which kills immediately upon contact and we also use a systemic insecticide which is taken into the plant causing an insect to ingest it once the insect feeds  on the plant.  

Additionally, the application does not harm beneficial insects.  Beneficial insects are those that pray upon damaging insects.

we also apply a fungicide to your landscape during each application.  This is also a great disease preventative.

Call us today to discuss our Bug Check Services Shrub Program so that your shrubs will look their very best