Fire Ant Control

Top Choice Fire Ant Control

Fire ants are a nuisance in Florida.  These pests can invade your yard during any time of the year in our Florida climate.

Top Choice can be applied at any time of year.  Our ONE TIME APPLICATION is guaranteed for 12 months.

Besides fire ants, Top Choice is labeled for the control of other lawn pests such as molecrickets.  Top Choice controls fire ants for one year and molecrickets for up to four months.

Making the determination of the type of ant  or pest  is our specialty at Bug Check Services.





As you can see, The Pyramid Ant is an inverted mound.  The ant is not a biting or stinging type of  ant and is not affected by any applications of Top Choice.

Call us today for a Free Fire Ant  Analysis and let Bug Check Services, eliminate the Fire Ants in your yard.